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Giving customers the choice to create their own journey is a must for all brands today. Whether at a dealership or with 100% online financing, see how we offer a seamless customer experience. ​

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Stefan Pata

Head of Customer Experience

Using data to enrich our customers' experience

8,4 /10

Making a customer journey unique means adapting it to the person experiencing it. Convinced that a successful experience is a tailored experience, where customers are free to choose how they interact with us, RCI Bank and Services makes good use of customer data to develop omnichannel sales journeys suited to everyone’s requirements.


At the international level, our strategy consists of developing the omnichannel system to deliver a customer experience that is fully integrated with that of Renault, Dacia and Nissan, with the aim of simplifying our customers’ lives and effectively addressing all their expectations: preference to meet in person at a dealership or, conversely, for a digital journey.

In practical terms, this comes down to developing packages that address our customers’ new uses, while also offering a simple, seamless and customized experience. In particular, this includes services with high added value, such as the online pre-booking service that accompanied the launch of Nissan New JUKE in France, Italy and Germany. This approach fuels the development of innovative pathways with several points of contact between carmaker brands and customers, while simplifying their experiences. Accordingly, a single journey can include an online financing simulator, electronic signature of a contract, a welcome video or even an appointment with a salesperson at a dealership.

All of these practices currently allow RCI Bank and Services to ensure, for example, improved vehicle monitoring by fleet managers, or more, using our ability to determine customer expectations in order to offer the most suitable package (insurance, financing, technical follow-up, etc.).

Today, our overall customer satisfaction has reached 8.4/10. A figure that proves the relevance of our strategy focused on the needs of our customers, be they individuals or professionals. Customization that will be further enhanced in the coming years.

Retail customers



Thanks to a 100% online pre-reservation solution, RCI Bank and Services supported the launch, in September 2019, of the next generation Nissan JUKE in France, Italy and Germany.


RCI Bank and Services offered Nissan customers an adapted e-payment solution: pre-approval without customer debit.

The pre-approval expires if the customer does not finalize the purchase within next 30 days.


To develop new sales channels and offer services that facilitate formalities for customers.


Thanks to simple and fast pre-reservation: 4 steps, in 4 minutes!

  1. Choice of gearbox and vehicle color
  2. Choice of financing method
  3. Choice of delivery location
  4. Payment of deposit


To optimize customer’s experience through a digital strategy.

To address the growing e-commerce trend.


Over 33%

of the next generation NIssan JUKE have been booked in less than a month.

Corporate Customers

HOW BANCO RCI BRASIL optimizes dealers' day-to-day activities?




Banco RCI Brasil’s intuitive, easy-to-use services have streamlined the experience of our dealership customers in Brazil.

A look at the resounding success of electronic signatures with Renault dealer Richard Zanetti.

What role does the dealer play in the traditional sales experience, and what do you gain from working with Banco RCI Brasil?

The dealer is often the brands first point of contact able to pinpoint the specific needs of individual customers when it comes
to vehicle purchase and financing.
By creating a purchasing profile, we can offer financing options and services that meet the customers needs. Our partnership with Banco RCI Brasil allows us to provide financing simulations as well as many other services. This makes it an excellent partner: the quality of our range of services is improved and we have more time to devote to higher
value-added tasks.

How does Banco RCI Brasil optimize the customer experience at the dealership? (1/2)

First of all, a digitalized offer process makes life easier for customers, providing them with more points of entry.

Until now, customers who didn’t have all the required documents with them for the financing application had to come back to the dealership later. Naturally, that was an obstacle.

How does Banco RCI Brasil optimize the customer experience at the dealership? (2/2)

Now, electronic signature allows them to sign from anywhere and from any device. They can also view their contract online and much more. For dealers, this innovation really cuts down on the time spent on operational processes. This allows us to better manage our vehicle fleet and focus on finding new customers. These benefits mean that we can sign the contracts with our customers more quickly.

What are the advantages of electronic signature?

For customers, it’s first and foremost convenience: they can sign from any device, even from home, without needing to go back to the dealership.
For the dealer, it means more flexibility and efficiency because using this service reduces the costs related to managing files, and we can process customer applications faster.

Ultimately, our customers are very happy with the platform, which they find to be simple and user friendly, and we’re freed up to spend time on the tasks that interest them.
It’s a win-win solution.


Optimizing the customer experience thanks to artificial intelligence

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, but what is its true added value? Where connectivity currently makes it possible to collect a large amount of data, it does not, however, make it possible to collate such data. That is precisely the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI): it analyses data to reveal useful findings for the business that interacts with the customer.

What is the value of such an approach? Soon, we will be able to meet our customers’ hidden needs. It will then be easier to offer the right service at the right time. Be it a financing package or insurance, AI will be able to recommend solutions suited to various customer profiles, their situations and their requirements. A real time-saver for professionals who can get a 360° overview of their customer and his/her expectations at a glance.

AI also lies at the heart of the omnichannel principle. A business will soon be able to adapt its physical and digital sales journeys in real time based on the available customer information. It will then be possible to offer customized packages based on the fact that a customer was near a point of sale.

In this sense, AI will not replace either human contact or physical sales: on the contrary, it will be used to offer packages that are more suited to customer needs and expectations.

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