Collaboration, participation and satisfaction

At RCI Bank and Services, we have opted for a collaborative, inclusive and open working environment. Within our high-performance, international and human-scale group, we strive to promote the development of our employees on a daily basis and their involvement in the group’s strategy.
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Sandrine Blec-Recoquillay



RCI Bank and Services is implementing a human resources policy focused on the enablement of its talents.

Sandrine Blec-Recoquillay, VP,
Human Resources and Communications at
RCI Bank and Services, tells us about these initiatives.

What is the role of employees in RCI Bank and Services strategy? (1/2)

RCI Bank and Services is a company on a human scale, where each employee can be involved in the areas that most interest him or her. This is our strength. For exemple, the collective work that has been carried out on the company’s values, as well as intrapreneurship development programs such as SPARK, are genuine methods of valuing employees and their ideas.

Each of our employees is at the heart of our strategy in that their level of satisfaction has an impact on the quality of the service we deliver to our customers.

What is the role of employees in RCI Bank and Services strategy? (2/2)

To this end, we aim to involve them in our strategic development as much as possible, and to consider their feedback so that they share pride in belonging to our company on a daily basis.

For that matter, the last annual survey carried out with our partner Korn Ferry showed an increase of three points in the area of commitment, which rose from 73% to 76% placing us nine points above the average among companies that participated in the survey. We also improved significantly in the area of enablement, which was up six points from 66% to 72%.

What does it mean to work at RCI Bank and Services?

Working at RCI Bank and Services is also a participatory experience that focuses on the enrichment and development of our employees. Learning, sharing, growing and succeeding are the four dimensions of the experience that we aim to offer our employees. These are defining aspects of our organization as they promote the development of a strong and transparent corporate culture. By keeping them in mind, we will cooperate more efficiently while promoting the growth and commitment of our employees. It is for these reasons that we consider ourselves as a sold bank with a pioneering spirit, which contributes to the sales and financial performance of the Alliance brands.

How does RCI Bank and Services make itself attractive to new candidates? (1/2)

When it comes to attracting new talents, RCI Bank and Services has three major strengths. The first is our capacity to develop each individual’s skills through innovative and varied experience and enriching career paths that include opportunities across businesses and countries.

The second is our results: working for RCI Bank and Services means working for a high-performing company.

Finally, our third strength is the quality of life at work. We absolutely want our employees to feel good at RCI Bank and Services.

How does RCI Bank and Services make itself attractive to new candidates? (2/2)

We aim to cultivate this spirit of a company on a human scale, in particular through our efforts to improve life/work balance. With this in mind, we offer them daily solutions such as working remotely and planning schedules a week in advance.

The fact that we have earned the Great Place To Work® label in several countries such as the United Kingdom, Brazil and Argentina, demonstrates our commitment and success in this area.

What are the next HR challenges for RCI Bank and Services?

Our primary HR challenge will be to effectively support and participate in our group’s development. As a bank, we must ensure that our core activities remain robust, while demonstrating innovation and agility. This will entail attracting cross-functional collaboration to benefit from our diversity and the sharing of expertise.

Our aim is for each employee to understand and contribute to the company’s vision, to find their place and continue to grow professionally for the benefit of our group and the company’s performance.


Employee commitment: driving customer satisfaction


The development of our employees enriches the customer experience…

On the strength of this conviction, RCI Bank and Services is committed to valuing its teams. Our approach is based on appreciation for the work accomplished by our employees and supports the development of their well-being and involvement. This is reflected in global strategic decisions, local initiatives, and regular feedback on our employees’ mindsets and aspirations.

On a practical level, many of our teams now benefit from remote working arrangements and flexible working hours, our premises are modern and favor a cross-functional approach, and management is trained to increase our teams’ accountability and development. At the same time, the establishment of intrapreneurship acculturation programs, such as SPARK, motivates and builds up employees while encouraging them to adopt a customer mindset to develop new packages.

But that’s not all! To provide attractive career prospects and develop its talent, RCI Bank and Services promotes mobility between the different business lines within a single country and between several countries. Our employees are thus able to evolve and travel within a single group.

Today, our local initiatives are recognized and have earned Great Place to Work® certification for three of our subsidiaries. RCI Bank and Services hopes to attract new talent, foster employee loyalty and maintain their motivation to ensure they offer our customers a unique experience every day.

HR policy

RCI Bank and Services recognized by Great Place to Work®!




RCI Financial Services in the UK has obtained the “Excellence in
Well-Being” certificate in 2019
and 2020 by Great Place To Work®.

Banco RCI Brasil also received
the label in 2019 and has been
included in the Best Workplaces
ranking at the 16th place,
up 5 positions from 2018.


Everyday, we commit to create a work environment conducive to the development of each individual and to the performance of the company.

Our Human Resources teams in the UK and Brazil have worked hard to enable employees to thrive in the workplace.


This organizatuion evaluates employees’ perception of their quality of life at work and company practices.


Social report, employee testimonials, internal reports…associated with a VOAHI assessment methodology: variety, originality, all-inclusive, human touch, integration.


  • Workspaces facilitating communication: open space and private meeting spaces
  • Career development program
  • A home office policy is being developed
  • Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives such as reducing waste and plastic use


The objective:
To offer a work environment leading to the blossoming and development of each individual, as well as contributing to the performance of the company.


Banco RCI Brasil organizes
seminars, team building sessions,
or special sessions with
HR department.

RCI Financial Services in the
United Kingdom has launched a
Career Development Program
to support employees in their
professional projects.


A family spirit is instilled in
the group’s teams. The group is
also working on a Corporate
Social Responsibility program
to reduce its environmental


Using collective intelligence to create new offers


Managing the new generations: a matter of commitment

Get ready to do things differently! Generations Y and Z are entering the job market, revolutionizing HR practices and overturning conventional communication methods… Demanding and critical in respect of businesses’ capacity to embrace CSR approaches, these generations are more involved than their predecessors. So, what projects should we prioritize to win them over?

Born in an information-saturated environment, generations Y and Z prefer a management style based on co-construction. The figures speak for themselves: in 2016, one in two young people stated that they felt more involved in their company when management was more democratic (Source: CSA pour JLL, 2016).

To address this challenge, management’s practices are becoming more horizontal. For example, Reverse Mentoring follows this logic by letting the youngest employees share their knowledge through direct discussions that improve everyone’s skills. However, taking this knowledge into account is not the only method available to businesses to attract new generations. Young workers are also looking for businesses that understand them and live at their pace. Whether these businesses have set up remote working or recruitment via social networks, such initiatives reveal a certain open-mindedness in their eyes and show the company’s determination to adapt to their expectations.

Lastly, the company’s corporate purpose brings meaning to its actions and defines its positioning in its environment: to each an identity, challenges and commitments. If all three are consistent, everyone can understand the momentum driving the business and become a stakeholder. How can you allow everyone to find their own way and understand the company’s purpose in a greater whole? This question will be key in the next few years.


Key steps of our collective intelligence approach